Friday, October 17, 2008

another take on the turf (R.I.P.)

"The Turf" may not properly exist anymore, but that wasn't enough to stop it from being the site of a design project for students here at the University of Maryland School of Architecture. In 400G, a graduate-level studio class, their latest assignment is a cafe/newsstand at the corner of Ellsworth Drive and Fenton Street. It's supposed to be something that would provide an amenity for commuters walking down to the Metro station while not blocking off "the Turf." On Monday, I briefly sat in on their final reviews and took a few pictures of the models.

This student proposed elevating the new structure over "the Turf" (at lower left) so as not to close it off. The colors and materials used for the context suggest he had a fairly bleak view of Downtown.

This model was by far one of the most accurate I saw. You can recognize the Majestic on the right and the Town Square Garage on the left.

By far my favorite of the ten or so projects presented. The canopy of the newsstand (in the middle, "turf" at upper right) is jaunty without seeming tacky. And, of course, the entire thing is covered in plastic turf.

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