Friday, June 5, 2009

randolph/new hampshire third-worst intersection in moco

Traffic on Route 29 near Stewart Lane.

You've probably already read the Washington Post story about Montgomery County's worst intersections, but also check out the full study from the Planning Department, which will be reviewed this coming Monday. Of the top ten most congested crossings countywide, only one - at New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road in Colesville - made the list, at number three. Among the findings they made were:

- Total Metrorail boardings countywide increased 5% from 2006 to 2009, likely because of rising gas prices. All stations experienced a jump, notably Silver Spring, but have gone back to 2006 levels.

- In their first review of pedestrian traffic, planners discovered that pedestrian activity coincides with areas where transit ridership is high. One such corridor is University Boulevard and Veirs Mill Road, where the most heavily-ridden line in the county, the Q2 Metrobus, is routed.

- On Route 29 (Colesville Road/Columbia Pike), congestion is worst Eastern Avenue and Dale Drive and between the Beltway and Lockwood Drive. The slowest travel time they recorded between Eastern Avenue, at the District line, and Route 198 in Burtonsville, is thirty minutes. (Did they do these tests at two in the morning?)

The study also recommends mobility improvements for Rockville Pike, Connecticut Avenue, Georgia Avenue and Route 29, though it's not specific what those changes should be.

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Ben Ross said...

Dan, you're falling for the auto-centric framing. It's the third most congested for automobile traffic. Certainly not the third worst for pedestrians (although not particularly good).