Saturday, July 4, 2009

a poem about just up the pike

I was an English major in addition to an architecture major in college, and have been known to write poetry or prose at one time or another (though it is always difficult to say that without sounding ridiculously pretentious). But I was very, very flattered to receive these verses from reader Cary H., who lives in zip code 20904 (represent!) You know what's difficult? Resisting the urge to make a pun out of "Reed" and "read." For that, Cary deserves a double thanks.

"An Ode to Dan Reed, Summer 2009"

Redoubtable Dan,
For locals you're the man!—
On East Mo County,
Your blog has the bounty . . .
If on my home turf I want the screed
I'll first check in with Dan'l Reed!

Mister Reed's blog is a MysterY to me—
He's got a full-time job and yet finds hours to see
The local news the others miss
And write it up for you and me!

Your daytime hard work's not enough,
You write so well, and it's not fluff!
And contentwise, your blog's so full
And thoughtful, you don't shoot the bull!

Thank you thank you Dan the Man
From a news-hungry neighbor fan!

-Cary H.

1 comment:

Thomas Hardman said...

I think your fan is celebrating that you not only have the feed of information, but you pass it along with something aspiring to integrity.

That's a fine aspiration.