Monday, July 6, 2009

what's up the pike: training day

This Kid Will End Up On The Hood Of My Car (edited)
Love this picture. Almost a little too much.

- The Post's Jay Mathews profiles former Springbrook High principal/new School Board member Michael Durso, and the generation of school administrators he mentored during his four-decade career, which spanned Maryland, Virginia and the District. (It was at Wilson High School in D.C. that my mother had him as a principal a long, long time ago.) No offense to Mrs. Goodman, my high school principal at Blake, but the praise that gets showered on Durso makes me wonder if I picked the wrong high school.

- The Gandhi Brigade, a nonprofit group that encourages youth activism through media, is holding its second-annual "Express Yourself" film festival this Saturday, July 11. Selected pieces from the "over 120 minutes of youth-produced video" that'll be presented at the festival will be aired on the county's public-access television network. The event is from 1-5pm in the Gandhi Brigade's space on the fourth floor of City Place Mall

- B'ville resident Dr. F [sort of] mourns the loss of the Dutch Country Farmers Market, which closed on Saturday to prepare for their move to Laurel this fall. "I won't miss the Amish Market as much as most," he notes, being vegetarian and a little hesitant to try its selection of "fried, sweet, salty, creamy" foods. (I do enjoy their sweet, salty cream bread, deep-fried to perfection.)

- On Thursday, planning for the new Silver Spring Library at Wayne Avenue and Fenton Street continues with a charrette, or public workshop. The meeting is from 7-9pm at the current Silver Spring Library, located at 8901 Colesville Road just north of Downtown.

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