Friday, September 25, 2009

what's up the pike: this time, it's too far

SSTOP! Signs

- Seriously? MPW reports that Purple Line opponent and Seven Oaks resident Jonathan Jay attempted to assault MTA's Mike Madden at a community meeting Wednesday night. "He told me that I 'could go to hell' as he swung my arm back forth as hard as he could," says Madden. "If I was less sturdy or if he did this to a woman, I believe he would have caused harm." This is a testy issue, y'all, but there is no sense (and no honor) in trying to use your fists to get a point across.

- If you've got plans this Saturday, skip them and go to the 19th Annual Burtonsville Day Celebration. There's a full day of events, with a charity walk through the Greencastle Lakes neighborhood at 8am, a parade up Old Columbia Pike at 10am and a festival at the Praisner Center with food, performances and an auto show. For more updates, check out the Burtonsville Day fan page on Facebook.

- And in Silver Spring, the Magical Montgomery Festival returns for the ninth year on Ellsworth Drive. Attractions include more food, more live entertainment, and so-called "mini-parades," which sounds kinda disappointing to me (wink wink). For a preview, check out a slideshow from last year's event, or RSVP on Facebook.

- Why does "family-friendly" interior decorating have to look so, uh, repellent? That's what I'd ask this Hillandale-based designer, profiled in last Sunday's Post. I mean, Andy Warhol-style wall portraits of you and your kids? Talk about self-indulgent, not to mention passé. I think I'm going to side with Silver Spring, Singular for once and send Hillandale (except for Urban Bar-B-Que) to the land of Silver Spring In Name Only.

- But what I can't endorse from Singular is the implication that Kanye West would imply that Takoma Park is to Beyoncé as Silver Spring is to lame pizzerias . . . or something like that. (I don't really understand what The Kids are talking about anymore.) Clearly the best local pizza is Lucero's in Fulton, and if you don't believe that, you're either wrong or you don't go to Howard County enough. (Or Ledo's, of course, though I don't like pizzas with corners.)

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WashingtonGardener said...

Physical violence?! A new low. Hope Madden presses charges.