Monday, December 7, 2009

what's up the pike: those are some wild hats

- From the listservs: Shorpy is an awesome website that catalogs high-resolution historical photos, many of which are from the D.C. area. You might not believe it, but this photo above was taken at the intersection of Georgia and Eastern avenues (today's South Silver Spring) in 1926. Also worth checking out is this photo, taken near what would become the intersection of Georgia and Wayne, and this one across the street, showing the (now-demolished) Silver Spring Armory under construction.

- Friday marked the release of We're Not Kidding!, a tribute to the music of Barry Louis Polisar, Burtonsville-based children's singer-songwriter and friend of JUTP. The Examiner reviewed the 2-CD, sixty-song set, which includes no fewer than three versions of "All I Want Is You," which appeared on the Grammy-winning Juno soundtrack in 2008. "It is an album that not only traverses the years, but all age groups as well," writes Paula Slade.

- Good Eatin' in Wheaton reviews Greek Islands Grill in Cloverly "the upper reaches of Silver Spring," an appellation I'm totally comfortable with. The blogger calls it "uneven" but a "nice restaurant to have" anyway, suggesting that the good food made up for the inattentive staff.

- Friend of JUTP and local activist Skateboard Mom lays out in full the history of skateboarding in Downtown Silver Spring, which mainly consists of fighting for places to skate. "Teens have been speaking up very clearly, and for a very long time, about what they want and need," she writes. "And yet, all they've gotten so far is broken promises."


Silver Spring Skaters said...

Thanks for the mention, Dan. Just an FYI -- out of respect for a woman who's been identifying as Skateboard Mom since 1999 (and has written a book with that title), I'll be changing my online name to Skateboard Mama. Or Skater Mom. Or something.

Regarding the skateboarding timeline I wrote, that's definitely not the whole history of skateboarding in Silver Spring, but it is what I've been able to piece together for the past 10 years. What I wrote for this past year is all from personal experience, and the rest comes from doing a lot of research, (talking to people and online sources.) Just by coincidence, I happened to be in DTSS in 2005 on the day that filming was going on for Lisa Jaeggi's No No Skateboarding...but I didn't skateboard back then, and until I talked to one of the skaters who was in the film (about a week after it was shot), I didn't really understand what was going on.

Sligo said...

The building in the foreground of the photo with the armory is still there.