Monday, December 7, 2009

snow day, but not really

Snowfall on Saturday always seems like a waste to me, especially if it doesn't stick around long enough to necessitate a snow day. While there wasn't enough snow to build snowmen (or, I realize upon becoming An Adult, to cause many horrific car crashes), there was just enough time for me to take a few photos of the first winter storm of the season. Let's have a snow day right here at our desks, shall we?
Columbia Pike at Musgrove Road
Big, fat snowflakes made it look a lot worse than it actually was, especially on The Pike.

Colorful Rocking Chairs, New Hampshire at Devonshire
Colorful rocking chairs at this Takoma Park bus stop make it feel like summer again, unless you're waiting for a bus, in which case you're jonesing for a space heater.

Handmade Mart, Dec. 5, 2009
The snow might've deterred some from heading out to the Handmade Mart on Ellsworth.

Seeing A Movie On A Snowy Day
But it may have inspired others to see a movie instead.

Second Avenue at Ballard Street
Even neighborhood streets like Second Avenue in Woodside were clear since the snow barely stuck to the pavement.

'The Magician,' Woodside Park
Looks like "The Magician" in Woodside Park won't be casting spells anytime soon.

Check out more photos in this slideshow.

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