Tuesday, January 5, 2010

student photo context on the other pike

Tim Hampton of VisArts, the arts center at Rockville Town Square, asked JUTP to mention its annual student photo contest, "Points of Departure." "We tend to get more entries from the other side of the county and I wanted to try to balance that" with submissions from the east side, Hampton told us last year, and it's still the case now.

The deadline is this Monday, January 11. Here's what the competition website says:

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your photographs juried by a stellar panel of Canon’s Explorers of Light (Steve Inglima, Clay Blackmore, Gregory Heisler, Eddie Tapp, and Joyce Tenneson) and exhibited at VisArts from February 5th to March 27th! VisArts is proud to showcase the work of youth photographers.

Students may enter in the following categories: Grades 9-12, Grades 6-8, and Grades 2-5. Maximum two photos per student. For FULL DETAILS, download the PDF Flier. Questions? Contact Tim Hampton, Digital Arts Director, at digitallab@visartscenter.org.

I know that Rockville is not on Columbia Pike, and that I've taken a little flack for covering things that are not in Silver Spring, which isn't very much. But let's still show them how we do it (uh, taking pictures . . .?) on the east side!

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WashingtonGardener said...

headline typo context vs contest - don't you hate that spellcheck does not do headers and subject lines?!?