Friday, January 29, 2010

what's up the pike: there's still snow

Piles of Snow at Wheaton Metro

- As noted yesterday, Joe's Record Paradise plans to open their new store in Silver Spring on Monday, February 1. The store has a stage and owner Joe Lee plans to have live entertainment, including a performance by local country legend Chick Hall, Jr. on opening day.

- A 34-year-old man was arrested after raping a 19-year-old girl in a Montgomery College bathroom, Wednesday an incident which put the Takoma Park campus on lockdown for 90 minutes. He's been charged with two counts of rape and one count of assault, but a hearing has been delayed for a week while he undergoes psychological evaluation.

- Takoma Park's thinking about allowing beer and wine shops in the city, which has been dry since its founding by Seventh-Day Adventists in 1883. Supporters of ending Takoma Park's pseudo-Prohibition say it'll bring more businesses to Old Town, while opponents say it'll ruin the city's "quality of life." What happens if your quality of life is directly connected to your ability to have a glass of wine after work?

- I meant to get this out a while ago, but it was on my currently inaccessible external hard drive: Burtonsville-based Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Barry Louis Polisar is coming home for a special show at the Silver Spring Library this Saturday at 11:00am. He'll be headlining the kickoff of Library Lovers Month, which runs through February, and performing songs from throughout his thirty-year career. If for some reason you've never been to the library before, it's at 8901 Colesville Road near Cedar Street.

- Come by at 11:00 for the long-awaited Great Peruvian Taste Test poll, featuring fifteen pollo a la brasa eateries in and around East County suggested by your fellow readers. For a list of criteria for selecting the ideal Peruvian chicken restaurant, check out Wednesday's post.


WashingtonGardener said...

I thin most TPers just walk the extra 100 yards to the Takoma DC side of the border which is practically lined with bars and ABC stores.

A note on the incident at MoCo College, my neighbors and I would appreciate it if the college did not just text its students but also the surrounding neighborhood when a "gun man" is on the run. We found out this time by the 20+ sirens, chopper hovering overhead, and listening to the police scanner channel online.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Lifting the ban in Takoma Park would mean that the residents would be spared the trauma of driving all the way to Langley Park, Hyattsville, or Silver Spring.

"Old Town" Takoma Park is actually pretty dreary. There are a few nice places, but in all honestly, there isn't much there overall. Takoma Park is a better place to live than to visit.

Unknown said...

In response to WashingtonGardner, I would encourage all neighbors of Montgomery College's three campuses to sign up for the free emergency email and text alert system sponsored by Montgomery County and used by the College.

Additionally, I would encourage neighbors of the College to tune into local radio and television stations or check out the College web site when incidents occur on campus. During Tuesday's incident, the College proactively contacted local news media and posted information to within minutes of becoming aware of the situation.

Brett Eaton
Director of Communications
Montgomery College

WashingtonGardener said...

Brett - I'm on the MoCo emergency alert already - nothing came thru about this campus incident. In addition, the local news did not report on the incident until more than two hours later (some never did).

For all who want to "go to the source" during emergencies, here is to MoCo online pilic channel:

Terry - I totally disagree that old town TP is "dreary" - did you know that travel tours companies from Europe bring busloads of tourists there to show them a slice of real American life while they are in DC. They think it is quaint, charming and Mayberry-esque. When I have out-of-town visitors over, I always taken them over for a nice afternoon walk, shopping, and ice cream at Summer Delights. Most say that is the best part of the trip after I've dragged them to all of the must-see museums and spots around DC.
From the weekly Sunday farmer's markets, annual festivals, and terrific local business, I think it is a great downtown. Just wish more folks took the metro out to visit it.

BB said...

"Terry in S.S.", There are lots of options all around the borders of TP to get booze. The addition of a liquor store isn't really the answer to the "dreariness" of TP. Which, btw, I think an utterly ridiculous description. If you want to talk dreary go to "downtown" SS and walk the "street of national chains" that makes up it's vaunted rebirth. It's so freaking depressing I avoid it, and I grew up in SS. TP, like the rest of the nation, needs to not have anymore Republicans in charge of anything since it was during the Bushwhacker era that much of Takoma Park took a severe economic downturn and the small, locally owned businesses that carry much that is produced locally by artisans and bakeries struggled to make ends meet including putting their own money into paying wages and rent to keep their businesses going. I'm sure "Potbelly" would do the same. Or maybe Chipotle. Or, um, Pier One. Or any of the soulless holes that make up your home town.
For those of us who live, work and shop in our town the idea that following the lead of SS or Wheaton with its Costco "upgrade" is an anethema.