Monday, February 1, 2010

what's up the pike: I can almost see the asphalt (updated)

- The Great Peruvian Taste Test is well underway, with over seventy responses to the reader poll we posted on Friday. The polls close TODAY at 5pm, so if you've haven't already voted (or voted twice), you should get on top of that.

I was disappointed to realize that missing from the poll was one of my favorite Peruvian pollo a la brasa joints, Chicken on the Run in Downtown Bethesda. It's now on the GPTT map. Unfortunately, it's too late to put it on the poll, but you might see a bonus review of it later on.

- Reemberto Rodriguez, head of the Silver Spring Regional Center (covering Four Corners and all of Silver Spring below-the-Beltway), has started a blog to get the conversation going on . . . well, whatever it is that Silver Spring blogs talk about. One very interesting fact from Reemberto's blog:

"We are about 80,000 residents during the night (i.e.: people that call this area home) and 120,000 community members during the day (i.e.: people that work here.)"

In other words, Downtown Silver Spring grows by 50% each workday. We're becoming less of a D.C. suburb each day.

- Awesome record store Joe's Record Paradise should be opening up in their new digs at Georgia Avenue and Ripley Street today. If I didn't work fifteen miles from Downtown Silver Spring (thanks, 18th-century bureaucrats who put the county seat in Rockville) I would stop by at lunch. Anyone care to stop by and see if they're in business?

UPDATE: I've got two sources telling me they aren't open yet, but we don't have a reason why - or a date, either. Womp womp.

- Construction's almost done at 1200 East West, a new apartment building on the highway of the same name. Like The Veridian across the street, it'll have retail shops on the first floor, hopefully creating some street life in South Silver Spring. The area could use the help - topping the list of local attractions 1200's "Play In And Around The City" page are a group of area hospitals. Maybe that list should be called "In Case You Play In And Around The City Too Hard."

Photo of snowy Georgia Avenue in Wheaton courtesy of Mike Lee on Flickr.


Joe said...

Walked by Georgia & Ripley at 1pm, didn't see any signs of Joe's being open yet... :-(

Sligo said...

Apparently it may not be open until next week.

chippy said...

I went by there today at lunch time and they were really tight lipped about what was going on. But two fire marshall cars were out front.

They probably have to get a few permits. This is fairly common in Montgomery County. When I sold ads for The Gazette most of my Grand Opening ads got postponed a week or two cause of stuff like this.