Wednesday, March 17, 2010

an afternoon in wheaton

Nothing like a bright sunny weekday afternoon walking around Downtown Wheaton. The air's warm and the bright colors of all the stores pop out at you so much that when you get home and fix up your photos you turn the saturation ALL THE WAY UP. "Ethnic diversity!" Scream the bright store displays. "Small-town quirkiness!" Or, in a fit of desperation, "Please come in and buy something!" It makes the heart warm.

Barbarian Window
Ridiculous store hours seem like a necessity at any comic book shop worth its salt. I don't know why. It adds character. Unfortunately, Barbarian Comics' website lists slightly more regular operating times. They're still closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, though.

Pho Comida Tipica
Friend of JUTP and awesomer photographer than I Chip Py told me about this place called Pho Comida Tipica. Tyler Cowen may say all the best Vietnamese food is in Northern Virginia, but I don't think it comes with salsa there.

Cadmus II
While Video Movie Liquidators is closing up for good next week, Wheaton won't be without adult entertainment so long as Cadmus II is open. Newsstand, you say? Can I get the New York Times here, like a sexy, 21-and-over Times?

Window Signs, Telvis Restaurant (1)
Gender roles are strictly enforced at Telvis Restaurant on Grandview Avenue. Or the painter didn't want to put a male dishwasher on the window. Hey, sex sells, or at least it would if they had any waitresses.

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WashingtonGardener said...

I LOVE that waitress painting - esp the booty shelf - is it required for the job? Now you can't get THAT in every town.