Thursday, March 18, 2010

cruisin' in burtonsville

Burtonsville Car Show 2009

These days, the only reason I come to Burtonsville is because I, like a lot of East County residents, am on my way to shop in Howard County. I have, though, really gotten into the little "restaurant row" that's forming on Route 198, eating empanadas at Cuba de Ayer and sipping Ethiopian coffee at Soretti's. But between the highway bypass and the increasingly awesome [ethnic] food is the small town Burtonsville used to be and a few residents desperately hold on to.

And in that small town, one thing rules: awesome cars. After all, one of the biggest attractions at the yearly Burtonsville Day celebration is the classic car show. This weekend, the time-honored tradition of cruising once again returns to Burtonsville, as I found on this message board (remember those?) for Chrysler Crossfire enthusiasts:

Its that time of year - this is a year round cruise in but usually doesn't really get going until this time of year. This event draws a lot of hot rods, race cars, exotics, customs, antiques, you name it, its there. So bring your Crossfire and join us every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. til around 10:30 a.m. In the Giant Food parking lot at the intersection of Rt's 198 and old Rt 29 in Burtonsville Maryland. We congregate in the lot by the KFC which is open for breakfast, there's also a Starbucks. Bring your camera, its the best free car show you will ever see! Hope to see you this Sunday morning!

I would be curious to check this out. But 8:30 on a Sunday morning? At that time you should either be in church (or whatever house of worship you choose to attend) or in bed. And I, sir, am not a church-goer. Of course, the Just Up The Pike-mobile (also known as the 2003 Honda Civic) isn't exactly the kind of car you would bring to a cruise-in, either.

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Cyndy said...

There are usually still quite a few there at 9:30 - quarter of ten when I'm stopping in for my fix at Starbucks on the way to occasional Sunday morning band rehearsals up in Baltimore. We often see a few of those cars heading north on 29 at that hour too.