Monday, April 19, 2010

what's up the pike: i (heart) you

I (Heart) You

- Lunchin' in the DMV tries Ethiopian for the first time - and what better place to do it than at Addis Ababa on Fenton Street? "Who says you have to go to Adams Morgan for good Ethiopian food because I had a great meal there," writes blogger Dskco. "Our server was super nice and humored me when I tried to pronounce my dish's name."

- The Park and Planning Commission is putting bee hives atop the Fortress of Planning Planting and setting up some vegetable gardens outside - in case, you know, a public hearing runs late and someone gets hungry. But because planners aren't paid to garden, they could use some help and are accepting donations for planting materials.

- The Till It's Done blog reviews the Five Guys on Tech Road. We're not sure if our Five Guys is different from any other, but the photos are compelling enough. (They might want to knock the apostrophe out of "Five Guy's," though.) Also check out their write-up of Quarry House Tavern, burnishing their credentials as burger-and-fry connoisseurs.

- Did you know Route 29 goes into D.C.? It does, and though it doesn't pass through Dupont Circle anymore, the signs posted will still take you there anyway. Keep following it, and you can take The Pike all the way to Pensacola, Florida.

- 8pm tonight, local swing band Swingtopia returns for another month of shows at Greek Village Restaurant in Colesville. The restaurant's located at New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road; for more info, check out Swingtopia's website.


Robert said...

I hope Park and Planning builds a deer fence around their new vegetable garden at "the Fortress of
Planning." Deer live in the Woodside Park neighborhood on the other side of Spring Street from "the Fortress."

Till It's Done said...

Thanks for noticing our blog! Check out our review of Sidebar as well for comments on the new Silver Spring hangout

WashingtonGardener said...

Funny, I was just on Rt 29 in Virgini today too - ye olde turnpike.
I applaud the food garden at MNCPPC HQ, but I wonder about that lack of sunlight. Hope also they'll add explanatory signage and a deer/rabbit fence.