Wednesday, May 26, 2010

what's up the pike: high society, indeed

Wendy's In Colesville, May 2010
- The East County fast-food boom rages on! In Colesville, the new Wendy's inches ever closer to completion, with a "Now Hiring" sign prominently displayed in the front window of the fast-food joint, located at Vital Way and Randolph Road.

- Meanwhile in Calverton, the new Chick-Fil-A at Tech Road won't open until July 29, says owner/operator Erik Amick, who we interviewed a few weeks ago. The store was originally supposed to open two weeks earlier, but hiring's still on schedule to begin in June, he says. For more information, join their page on Facebook.

- Tinsley Mortimer, star of the CW show High Society, was spotted at a fashion show in Bethesda Row last week. Don't worry if the only word in that sentence you understood was "Bethesda," because you're not alone. Dare we hope that a little bit of her star power lands in Silver Spring, where all we have is Sarah Palin's lousy reality show?

- Jerry McCoy and the Historical Society find a time capsule of sorts in the Silver Spring Moose Lodge at Wayne and Fenton, which was demolished earlier this month to build the new library.

- On June 5, local environmentalists and students at Northwood High will celebrate the opening of the Northwood Chesapeake Bay Trail, connecting the school, located at University Boulevard and Arcola Avenue, to Northwest Branch Park. The trail sits on fifteen acres originally purchased by the State Highway Administration for a spur of Route 29. It became a de facto landfill before some 272 people, mostly students, began cleaning it up last fall. The celebration, which includes a 5k run, starts at 10am at the school. For more info, contact Jennifer Chambers at jennifer at hikingalong dot com.


whitney said...

I'm not sure if you've already covered this, but there's an asian bistro opening up on Tech Road, next to the FedEx and Five Guys. I think it's an actual sit down place...#FTW

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I had out of town company in for the weekend last week and, of course, we took the Metro downtown.

Their response to the Palin ads in the SS Metro? "OMG, those ads are AWESOME! Are they legal? Won't someone tear them down? Get photos of them fast!".

So, in addition to the usual landmarks, I started pointing out to them how the advertising changes in Metro depending on your station. Pentagon, it's all defense contractors. Residential in town areas, lots of stuff about DC programs. It ended up as a fun game. They'd guess what the neighborhood above or around the station was like based on the ads and I played master of ceremonies and told them yes or no. :)

Patrick said...

Just waiting for the Wendy's to get spray-painted, like everything else that sits still on that stretch of street.