Tuesday, June 22, 2010

east county dining wish list includes crabcakes, meatballs

Friend of JUTP and Burtonsville resident Dr. F e-mailed me yesterday to lament the closing of Moe's Southwest Grill on Tech Road. "We dug it over Chipotle because they had more veggie options for me (tofu as a 'meat') and [my daughter] liked the free guacamole," Dr. F explains.

My only experience with Moe's was with their Rockville location, which would shower the employees of neighboring stores (including the one where I once worked) with coupons to get them to come in. I went once and discovered why they have to give away their burritos. Today, that space is now Carbón, easily one of my favorite Peruvian places.

Burtonsville Town Square under construction. Photo by thisisbossi on Flickr.

Whether or not you like Moe's, or any of the chains that dominate the culinary landscape of East County, you can't deny that people here are always hungry for something new. Later this summer, we'll get a new Wendy's and a Chick-Fil-A (whose owner Erik Amick we interviewed last month). But there's still lots of space for new eateries - especially in the new Burtonsville Town Square shopping center - that is, where they haven't already swiped stores from across the street.

What restaurants would be nice to have at Burtonsville Town Square? I asked my brother Tyler, recent elementary school graduate and member of the Movie, Popcorn and Candy Committee, what he'd like to see there and throughout East County.

His suggestions included "somewhere that you can get crabcakes," (he's partial to Bobby's Crabcakes in Rockville); "the restaurant we went for Daniel's 21st birthday," also known as the Olive Grove, an awesome Italian restaurant in Linthicum Heights (best described as "out by BWI Airport"); and "a place where you can get meatballs." (Rarely a week goes by that he doesn't beg me to take him to the restaurant inside Ikea in College Park.)

Listen for yourself:

I hope you're listening, Chris Jones. Unlike me, this kid has seven more years in East County to patronize your lousy shopping center.

Miss you, Amish Market (1987-2009). Photo by thisisbossi on Flickr.


Cyndy said...

Now that would be different - a Swedish style cafeteria in Burtonsville! I confess that I am also a fan of Ikea's meatballs, although I don't make it over there very often.

Steve Ammann said...

Sonic for Burtonsville. It's the only way.... =) I was hoping for a Panera but with one coming in by Harris Teeter by Maple Lawn I don't see that happening.

Dan Reed said...

Stupid Maple Lawn. Though, of course, there is already a Panera on Tech Road, which is closer to my house.

I would prefer if they would stop playing games with me and keep the damn Chicken Bacon Dijon sandwich on the menu.