Friday, June 18, 2010

what's up the pike: lowercase letters

langley park
- Sad news in Takoma Park today: SoCo Eats reports that Udupi Palace, the Indian vegetarian restaurant on University Boulevard, has lost its lease and will soon close.

Seriously? Not only was this one of the best Indian places in the region (and an excellent place to take my vegetarian friends), but one of the few classy restaurants in an area known more for pupusa trucks than tablecloths. You want to revitalize Langley Park? You start with nice places to eat. Shame on whatever unscrupulous landlord would let such a great tenant go.

That said, if you'd like to join me for a trip to Udupi's location in Schaumburg, Illinois, buy your plane tickets soon!

- Silver Spring-based STROyKA Theatre stages the musical Bye Bye Birdie, starring local filmmaker Walter Gottlieb (whose latest work we wrote about last fall) through the end of June. There'll be performances tonight and Saturday at 8pm at the Burke Theater, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in the District, with eight additional performances through the end of the month. For ticket information, check out STROyKA's website.

- The CD-Game Exchange will sponsor a live music stage with local bands and DJs at Fenton Street Market starting tomorrow. Seems like something good came out of last week's cancelled skateboarding rally. Looking forward to it!

Last, but not least:

- The National Pinball Museum, currently run out of curator David Silverman's Colesville home, could move to Georgetown this summer, says the Post's Local Blog Network.

- Sprung on the Spring finally visits 8407 and is not at all pleased with the service.


retgroclk said...

Many years ago there was a bar/restaurant in Georgetown with a collection of antique pinball machines.

I believe it was called "Gunchers".

I still have fond memories of the place.
BTW- gunchers is the New England
name for the Hero or submarine sandwich.

Robert said...

Concerning lower case "langley park" on the Ride On sign... Upper case letters are expensive, and the County has to cut back the budget. The libraries can't fund all the cuts without some help from DOT.