Monday, June 28, 2010

what's up the pike: return of the water tower house

Return of the Water Tower House

(Ah, those were the days.) Anyway:

- Reader Terry in Silver Spring asks if somebody else wrote last Friday's post on super-conservative gubernatorial candidate/yummy cake proprietor Brian Murphy. Yes, I wrote it. What, haven't I expressed my love of dessert before?

- East County eight-piece swing band Swingtopia returns for their last show of the summer at Greek Village Restaurant in Colesville. It all starts at 8pm tonight at the restaurant, located at New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road.

- Sprung on the Spring celebrates a smart-alecky Ride-On bus driver on the "Silver Spring-Takoma route," though we're not sure which one they mean. (There are four of them, and the bus-riding public wants to know where to find him.

- The blog War Is A Crime reports that supporters of Palestine staged a protest Saturday afternoon at the Ulta Cosmetics store in Downtown Silver Spring for selling products made in the contested West Bank.

That said:

- Historian for Hire David Rotenstein writes a paean to his neighbor, the endangered Porta-John in South Four Corners Park.

- Good Eatin' celebrates the yummy empanadas at Caramelo Bakery on Georgia Avenue in Wheaton.


Unknown said...

A couple of idiots with picket signs does not a protest make.

Unknown said...

I've had that bus driver before... he's pretty funny. (The silverspringblog article says it's the 13 bus.) Once when we were traveling north on Colesville there was a taxi parked half on the sidewalk in front of the Hilton, blocking traffic; he opened the front door and yelled out "It's the president! Hey President Obama! Cause he must be the president, parking there like that"

Terry in Silver Spring said...

That entry just read like it was a different voice, that's all. :) I was worried you'd already headed north on us.

Anonymous said...

Gnu- Awesome you've had him too! Yeah, I reference the 13 line in my post, Dan just didn't mention that. That driver is a trip!