Friday, July 2, 2010

what's up the pike: in which I express thinly-veiled disdain for governor ehrlich

Night Flowers, Georgia at Wayne
Former Governor Bobby Haircut Robert Ehrlich announced his running mate for his re-election bid yesterday on Ellsworth Drive in downtown Silver Spring.

It's an ironic location for someone who once said that "multiculturalism is bunk" or repeatedly attempted to kill the Purple Line. Perhaps he waited until late Wednesday night to announce the event and running mate Mary Kane - on Facebook! - because he imagined that Silver Springers and Takoma Parkies drawing from their long tradition of liberal activism would protest in full force.

Of course, Ehrlich first announced his candidacy by scooping ice cream at the store I once worked at. If he's looking for my vote, he never had it to begin with.

Phew! Now that that's over:

- A study from the Latino Economic Development Corporation says that Fenton Street Market is good for the economy. The weekly market, located in a parking lot at Fenton Street and Silver Spring Avenue, has brought local businesses over $300,000 in additional revenue since opening in April, says the study (PDF!). As always, it'll be there tomorrow from 9am to 3pm.

- The Historical Society found twelve signed dollar bills in a time capsule left in the now-demolished Silver Spring Moose Lodge, says the Gazette. We're waiting for that video you promised, Jerry.

- Also in the Gazette: restaurants in White Oak are hungry for business from the Food and Drug Administration next door, whose employees prefer eating at its two in-house cafeterias. Of course, it doesn't help that the walk from the FDA campus to the White Oak Shopping Center is nearly a mile long.

- Metro Man discovers that God must hate Silver Spring.


WashingtonGardener said...

If Ehrlich had given fair warning of his intentions yes, indeed, I and MANY others would have been there to BOO his ass out of dodge -- shows a lot of NERVE and arrogance -- he had BETTER not show up and ruin the parade this Sunday on old town Takoma Park.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Ehrlich was trying to sell off state parks, some in sweetheart deals to his buddies.

Oh, and remember when he had the State Police infiltrating some of the Takoma Park earthy-crunchy groups?

Oh, and so much more.

Ehrlich needs to settle in to a nice career in talk radio or as a pundit on tv and leave us the heck alone.