Thursday, July 1, 2010

asian bistro opens on tech road; chick-fil-a soon to follow

The unrelenting march of progress continues at the WesTech Village Corner shopping center on Tech Road, where three years after opening almost all of its vacancies have finally been filled. The newest addition is Siu's Asian Bistro, which I failed to notice has already been open for two weeks:

Siu's Asian Bistro Grand Opening
Sitting outside is a woman who introduced herself to me as "the 'Siu' in 'Siu's Asian Bistro.'" According to her website, she believes "the key to one's heart is through the stomach," which is all I need to hear. Their menu is a mix of Japanese, Chinese and Thai food, including fresh sushi.

Chick-Fil-A, June 2010 (1)
A few doors down, my beloved Chick-Fil-A - whose owner Erik Amick we interviewed a little while back - which is still on schedule to open in just four weeks! Hopefully, you'll find me outside the day before seeking to be one of the coveted "First 100" to get in the door. (Note to self: I need to buy a tent.)

And as friend of JUTP and Burtonsville resident Dr. F pointed out recently, the Moe's Southwest Grill has closed. Inside, it looks as if they closed up for the night and never came back.

Moe's Is Closed (1)
I guess Silver Spring wasn't a Moe's neighborhood, after all. Hopefully, this location will become a classy Peruvian rotisserie place, as was done to their former store in Rockville.

Hilton Garden Inn Silver Spring North Hotel
Finally, the Hilton Garden Inn Silver Spring North Hotel is almost completed, and will start taking reservations August 18. (If you book your vacation to scenic Calverton now, we'll give you a tour of the old sludge treatment plant for free.)

Inside the hotel will be The Great American Grill, which doesn't seem too inspiring judging from their other locations. But because it's food, and it's nicer than Wendy's, you can bet it will probably become very popular with East County diners who'd "rather poke their eyes out" than go to downtown Silver Spring, in the words of one Burtonsville resident.

At the end of the day, that's all that really matters. Because no one likes getting their eyes poked out, ever.

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dport said...

Went to Siu's last Friday. It is a small place only about 10 tables plus 3 or so seats at the sushi bar. We were seated toward the rear of the restaurant where the hostess stand is, which we also found out is where take-out orders are placed and picked up, resulting in a line of people in the (only) narrow space from the front door to the back. That aside they had typical new restaurant problems, our sushi rolls (spicy tuna and crunchy spicy scallop) came out before our drinks.The sushi rice was undercooked and the seaweed was chewey. Our appetizer (tempura shrimp with vegetables) came out with our other entree (bland drunken noodles with chicken). For $8 or so two shrimp and a few small pieces of veg were hardly worth it, and we left most of it uneaten. I was hoping for more, and they seemed to be doing a brisk take-out business, but the food and service weren't nearly there yet. I'll give them another chance in a month or so, but despite the convenience to my house, I'd rather get Noodle King, or go to Oriental East, or pick up from Joe's Noodle House or Tony Lin's in Rockville on my way home from work for now.