Monday, July 26, 2010

what's up the pike: the morning after

Sunset, Burtonsville Crossing
Good morning, East County! If you're reading this, you're one of the lucky few who has power. Can you do a blogger a favor and lend me your washer and dryer for a load? In the meantime, however, here's a look at what's happening around the area:

- Yesterday's brief but powerful storm caused a fair amount of damage, downing trees and power lines across the region and putting as many as 200,000 Pepco customers in the dark. If you're desperate for electricity and Internet, you might want to follow the laptop-campers to the Burtonsville Starbucks (where I'm writing this now, and where I took a photo of this lovely sunset), located conveniently outside Pepco's service area.

Come back in a half-hour to see photos of storm damage from across East County, but in the meantime:

- Vancouver takes a page from "the Turf" and outfits its major downtown shopping street in green plastic grass, writes the Price Tags blog. (We know they've been to Silver Spring before.)

- A family in Colesville won Washington Post's Mad Men home contest - which sought to find the residence that looked most like something out of the wildly popular TV show set in the 1960's - with their ranch-style house on Midland Road. (WARNING: If you're not a fan of wood paneling, don't click on the link.)

- Reemberto Rodriguez from the Regional Services Center discusses ways to use the new Veterans' Plaza, though I wonder why the square's biggest activity and visitor attraction isn't on the list. Historian for Hire David Rotenstein writes about one event in the plaza, the drum circle started by IMPACT Silver Spring.

And, of course:

- The LA Times finds misleading food labels at the FDA's cafeteria in White Oak.

- Multiple fights and people getting "head-stomped"? This time, it didn't take place in downtown Silver Spring - it was on the platform of the Bethesda Metro station, says DCist.


Terry in Silver Spring said...

Bethesda, you say? You mean rotten things happen on that side of Rock Creek Park?

retgroclk said...

Its the heat-it's driving people mad- their brain starts to cook, then it sizzles- then smokes is coming from their ears and then, and then- crazy sets in and Hell breaks loose.

Bob Fustero

WashingtonGardener said...

it is official No Skateboarding allowed at Veterans Plaza - I think the kids trying to jump down from Baja Fresh/Adega ledge sealed that fate.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Yeah, that would do it. if one of them gets hurt jumping that ledge and they'd sue the County.