Friday, August 6, 2010

what's up the pike: my brother painted a snake

It was great seeing everyone at my going-away happy hour last night. I wish you all well and, judging from the success of this one, I might consider having JUTP "reunions" in the near future, ha ha ha. Thanks so much for supporting me over the past four years.

That said, here's a look at what's happening in East County:

Galway ES ICC SIgns (Close-Up)

The InterCounty Connector will open west of Georgia Avenue later this year, but here on the east side we'll be stuck with the highway's construction site for a while longer. Luckily, fifth-graders at Galway Elementary School in Calverton did a little beautification project with these panels, newly erected along Old Columbia Pike where it crosses the future toll road. Apparently, my brother Tyler - a new graduate of Galway - painted a snake somewhere on here, but I'm not quite sure where it is.


- Earlier this week, Dan M. at GGW wrote about whether to take the train or the bus to New York City. I generally can't afford/am not willing to pay for the train, so it's convenient that reader Ralph sent me this guide to Northeast bus companies he wrote. Check it out!

- If you're a renter, be thankful you don't hold the title: The Enclave, a three-building apartment complex in White Oak, is now worth half what it was three years ago, says CityBizList, a real estate industry publication. Stellar Management, the Enclave's owners, recently lost ownership of the Georgian apartments in downtown Silver Spring.

- Evan Glass, president of the South Silver Spring Neighborhood Association, defends the conversion of new high-end condo building the Argent to affordable housing. The 96-unit building on East-West Highway will open this fall, with subsidized rents starting at $1069 a month for a one-bedroom apartment - certainly lower than other buildings in downtown Silver Spring, but not exactly a housing project, either.

Last, but not least:

- Flickerer Citizen of Two Worlds posts this photo of four Pakistani men shown in their youth and reunited, forty years later, in Silver Spring. Today, one lives in Canada, the other back in Pakistan, and the other "in USA" - in Silver Spring, we assume.

- The recently-resurrected Silver Spring Daily Photo captures the inside of the new Chick-Fil-A on Tech Road, claimed to be one of the nation's largest with a 160-seat dining room.

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Cyndy said...

Hi Dan, Sorry I couldn't make it the other night but I'm glad that you had a good turnout. Thanks for this blog and best of luck in your new school program.