Friday, July 3, 2009

what's up the pike: happy 233rd, america

Happy Independence Day weekend! Every Fourth of July since 2007, I've been disappointed that I don't have any protest marches to go to, but I guess fireworks are almost as good. Where are you going to watch the fireworks? (Our neighbors a street over used to set them off from their deck, but I think they moved. I have no idea who they were.) Anyway:

- Planning for the new Silver Spring Library at Wayne Avenue and Fenton Street continues with a charrette, or public workshop, next Thursday, July 9 from 7-9pm. The location is easy to remember - it's at the current Silver Spring Library, located at 8901 Colesville Road just north of Downtown.

- On July 16, the Department of Parks is holding a public hearing for what to do with the Sligo Creek Golf Course, which will close October 1st due to an agreement that prevents it from competing with other county golf courses. Possible uses for the 65-acre site, located at Sligo Creek Parkway and the Capital Beltway, include a preserve and nature center, a recreational park, or a sports complex. Interested parties can sign up to testify here.

- A recently-built house on Randolph Road is being advertised as "eco-friendly," despite the fact that the 11,000-square-foot manse is five times the size of the average American home - which actually shrunk last year, according to the U.S. Census. The nine-bedroom home's features include master suites on all four levels, a sixty-gallon water tank and, for good measure, an array of solar panels on the roof.

This house joins the "Eco-Estate" on Briggs Chaney Road as examples of "green" construction in East County. While it's commendable that local builders are being environmentally conscious, a large house with solar panels still uses more energy and materials than an "eco-unfriendly," smaller house. Not to mention that the slow real estate market's made luxury homes difficult to sell even in sought-after areas like Bethesda - there's no telling how a house on a major road surrounded by much, much more humble abodes will fare.

- Not that I watch TLC or anything, but if one of their most controversial reality-show stars is going to be seen dining out in this area, you think they could at least put her in Silver Spring, nearer their headquarters?

- I've still got a couple more columns left to write for the Diamondback, U-Md.'s independent student newspaper. Check out my latest here.


Cyndy said...

That's not a house, that's a hotel. What in the world was somebody thinking when they built that thing?

Cyndy said...

And that was a really nice article you wrote for the Diamondback.

Bowie Mike said...

I agree with Cyndy. Nice article (Professors: Withhold final judgment). I'll think of your article the next time I curse at another driver for cutting me off.

Patrick said...

Been looking at that stupid box on Randolph Road since they started building it. A luxury house is supposed to be built out of quality materials. That one is built out of split concrete block that Walmart would have turned down as too cheap looking.

It is worth less than half what it is being advertised for and will end up as a rooming house.