Friday, September 18, 2009

what's up the pike: a good year

Happy Rosh Hashanah and L'Shana Tova to you, East County! JUTP knows that the Jewish new year doesn't officially begin until sundown, but this blog doesn't post after happy hour, so hope this will suffice. Here's a look at the goings-on this weekend:

- The Dutch Country Farmers Market, currently exiled to Laurel, is considering running shuttles from its former location in Burtonsville. This may not be a bad idea, given that I'm probably not the only one over here who hasn't ventured over to the new store. Can't help but look at the soon-to-be-closed Giant in Burtonsville Crossing shopping center and sigh. (Thanks, Chris Jones!)

- Neighborhood association president Evan Glass posted photos of the pedestrian linkages project in South Silver Spring, which is under construction. When completed, four new streets (warning! PDF file.) - all but one are closed to auto traffic - will break up the neighborhood's large blocks, making it easier for people to reach the handful of stores currently located there. You may have already seen the first phase of the project, known as Arts Alley (pictured above), off Georgia Avenue between Mayorga Coffee and Moorenko's.

- In case you missed it: Silver Spring's home to a Ghanaian king. Peggielene Bartels, a secretary who lives off 16th Street, was declared heir to the throne of Otuam, Ghana, where she'll be in charge of managing the town her family has controlled for decades.

- The New York Times has a statewide listing of places that have violated the Clean Water Act, dumping pollutants into local streams. East County offenders include the Calverton and Kemp Mill swim clubs, the Silver Spring Boys and Girls Club in Four Corners, and a slew of apartment complexes, including four in the White Oak area alone.

- If last weekend's Fenton Street Market wasn't enough for you, there'll be another flea market tomorrow in the parking lot of the Takoma Theatre just across the District line. The organizer's looking for vendors to sell their wares at the event, which will run from 8:30am to 4pm. For more info, call (301) 589-1170.

- Don't forget to check out this week's three-part series on plans to build mixed-income housing in White Oak and why the attempts of local residents to kill the project could actually be hurting our community.

Above photo of Arts Alley by Flickr user ARKNTINA.

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