Monday, December 28, 2009

what's up the pike: california, here we come . . .

'Sup, y'all. If you're reading this, I'm currently in Los Angeles, the first leg of a tour up the West Coast. Over the next two weeks, I'll also be traveling to San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. I've basically been planning this trip since I went to Denver, a year ago today.

Posting on Just Up The Pike will be lighter than usual, but I'll hopefully be throwing in photos and words about where I go. And if you've got any suggestions about where I should go, why not leave a comment. Anyway, here's some East County-based architecture news:

Montgomery College PAC, Georgia at Burlington
- I didn't know the Washington Times had an architecture critic, but apparently she reviewed the new Montgomery College Performing Arts Center at Georgia and Burlington in South Silver Spring. Writer Deborah Dietsch calls it "fresh and sophisticated," comparing it to the much-touted Sidney Harman Hall in Gallery Place, and lauds its "energetic, street-savvy architecture."

- Of course, Mayorga Coffee Roasters closes their flagship coffeehouse in South Silver Spring on Thursday. But we've heard they'll soon reopen at the former Savory Cafe in the District's Takoma neighborhood. The new, smaller location will be located at 314 Carroll Street NW. Better get your SmarTrip card out, because it's literally in front of the Takoma Metro and just like their Silver Spring store, you won't find much parking.

Also worth checking out is the Elevation 314 apartments, Mayorga's new home. Recognized for its green design features and lush garden, the complex is a great example of mixed-use, transit-oriented development, not to mention the completely illogical placement of windows on the front. (As was explained to me by its architects, a couple of whom taught studio at Maryland.)

- Silver Spring-based architect Chuck Witmer of SCALEhouse Design has proposed building a new clubhouse and restaurant for the Sligo Creek Golf Course. Their design exercise (scroll down!) replaces the endangered links' existing clubhouse with a barn-red box set into a hill. But unless you're a fan of the streamlined, Civic Building-and-new-Library school of public building design, SCALEhouse's proposal may not be for you.


Sligo said...

Would it be at the Savory near the Metro, or the larger ex-Savory location that is in Takoma Park, MD which is currently empty?

Also, I like the current Sligo Creek clubhouse. Very retro.

Unknown said...

You should definitely try to visit (and stay at!) The Madonna Inn in San Louis Obispo. Google it and you'll see why it's a must-see.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out.
cwitmer at scalehousedesign dot com

Sligo said...

Oh, and recs for west coast trip (outside of the obvious):

- ***Boeing Factory Tour*** (amazing)
- Puget Sound seaplane tour
- Top Pot Donuts

San Fran:
- Mama's for breakfast.

- Griffith Observatory. It's finally been re-opened.

WashingtonGardener said...

Seattle's underground tour is not to be missed.

Portland I'm sure you'll do Powell's and the parking lot full of mobile food vendor vans - but don't miss one of their Farmers Markets either.

LA is the Getty Museum, Venice Beach, and of course Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles - everything else over-rated.

jen said...

It's the Savory near the Metro, which was also formerly called the Wandering Nomad or something like that. I'm surprised at Mayorga taking that space. Not only is there no parking, it's tiny - just a takeout place really. It's not going to replace the old location as a place to hang out with friends or your laptop. The other Savory location would be a better fit.