Monday, January 11, 2010

what's up the pike: openings and closings

It's nice to be back, y'all. I hope you enjoyed JUTP's posts on my trip to the West Coast, because there are plenty more on the way. But in the meantime, here's a look at what's happening on the east side:

Fender Bender at Colesville and Georgia
- So-called "irreverent food blog" Crispy on the Outside reviews Ray's the Classics (pictured, sort of) on Colesville Road in Downtown Silver Spring, "tucked away a good 20 minutes from downtown DC." (Nothing's more irreverent than complaining about how far Maryland is.) The blogger did enjoy the food and the prices, however.

- Here's another food review from Till It's Done of Quarry House Tavern at Georgia and Bonifant. It's hard to describe Quarry House without using the terms "dive bar" or "basement," so bloggers Adam and Val let some awesome photos of the food and beer do the talking.

- As I'm sure you've heard, Fenwick Beer and Wine is up and running at the corner of Fenwick Lane and Second Avenue. They strive to have the "largest selection of craft beer in Montgomery County," as Eric from Thayer Avenue can attest to. The store will have a Belgian beer tasting at its grand opening next Saturday, January 23.

- Good Eatin' reports (via the Gazette) that Wheaton Plaza will soon be home to a re-opened Hollywood East Cafe, which shut down last May, and a new "children's pizza shop" called Noble Roman's. Meanwhile, the Borders Express bookstore in the mall will close this month, signaling the end of literacy in Wheaton once and for all. (How about moving that library downtown now?)

- And of course, Mayorga Coffee Roasters will reopen in Takoma Park the Takoma neighborhood of D.C. on January 25 after closing their flagship coffeehouse in South Silver Spring last year. Customers of the beloved local institution are already looking forward to the new Mayorga's easy street parking and proximity to Metro, two things that their former store lacked.


Sligo said...

The Noble Roman's is already open. It looked to me like a crappy(er) Chuck E. Cheese.

I'm sure there is absolutely nothing left, but I went to the Borders Express last week and cleaned house. Got lots of good books @ 50-70% off. They even had many new bestsellers available. One section that was absolutely untouched was the "local interest" books. They've got a quite a lot of the neighborhood-type books available, for those that are interested in such things.

Jared Hautamaki said...

it might be tasty, but the number of roaches I've seen have convinced me to not eat there again.