Monday, July 19, 2010

what's up the pike: I don't think it's a fixie

Shirtless Guy and Bike, Route 29 at Musgrove Road
- We've got a groundbreaking date for the Fillmore music hall on Colesville Road: September 11 at 11am, says the Facebook page of FillmoreNow. The Planning Board approved plans for the venue and an associated hotel and office development. If the date sounds familiar to you, it's also the same day of the 7th Annual Silver Spring Jazz Festival, with headliner Aaron Neville.

- They may call it the People's Republic, but there's nothing liberal about Takoma Park and alcohol, says the Gazette. I didn't know that breastfeeding-rights advocate Lorig Charkoudian (quoted in the article) was the head of the local co-op as well.

- Spring Center, the strip mall at 16th and Spring streets, is up for sale, says the Business Journal. It'd be a nice site for redevelopment, just a few blocks from the Metro and adjacent to a future Purple Line station.


- Good Eatin' discovers that the Gazette regularly reviews more restaurants in Rockville and Bethesda than in East County.

- A Post reporter made it out to the JokeFest at Fenton Street Market last weekend just to point out that children aren't funny.

- William at Montgomery Sideways is happy an SUV driver didn't hit him while crossing Silver Spring Avenue.

- I'm having a going-away party! Come by around lunchtime to find out more. And tomorrow, check out the world premiere of the very first movie about Veterans Plaza.


Patrick said...

Is there an ETA as to when the Fillmore will open? That will certainly be a nice destination when it does.

Also, Dan, do you know when the library is supposed to open? I thought 2012, but it's not that easy to come by the info. And I'm sure whatever is planned will not happen.

WashingtonGardener said...

The Gazette announced in last week's paper that they are consolidating all the eastern county editiosn into one.
Plus, Jason Tomassini is leaving for grad school.
All in all sounds like even LESS coverage of downtown SS coming soon.