Monday, August 9, 2010

what's up the pike: museum of idiots

They Might Be Giants Lyrics In Veterans Plaza
- The Post profiles Woodside Park, the neighborhood bounded by Georgia Avenue, Colesville Road and Sligo Creek Park, and includes quotes from local folks - many of whom have appeared in the pages of this blog, including Jennifer Pasenelli and historian Bob Oshel, whose starkly modern house appears in the article. (Bob, if you're ever looking for someone to it off your hands, look no further.)

- Blogger John at Bensozia can't see the forest for the trees in Wheaton: "Its downtown has the worst of everything -- it is densely built up with masses of ugly concrete, but even though there is a Metro station one can't walk anywhere and there is no life on the streets," he writes. There are people on the streets of Wheaton. They just happen to be Hispanic. And they make wonderful food. Perhaps you won't be so bitter after you've eaten there.

- Speaking of Wheaton: Sara at Wheaton Calling celebrates a year of living there with a declaration of love. Also, she offers a recap of last week's going-away happy hour.

- D.C.-area real estate blog UrbanTurf wants you to help Nioke, a 32-year-old physician on her search for a new home in Silver Spring or Takoma Park. You can put your two cents in by telling her which one you like more, and that the house in Brookland she's expressed a preference for is a bad choice.

- If you were around in the 90's (I know I was), you might remember R&B/dance singer Crystal Waters, best known for her chart-topping hits "Gypsy Woman" and "100% Pure Love" (shown above). But did you know she's 100% East County as well? The Philadelphia-born singer moved to the D.C. area to study at Howard University before starting her recording career, an today she lives in Colesville, just off New Hampshire Avenue. (Thanks to Alexis Reed for the heads-up.)

Today's post title - and the lyrics I found chalked in Veterans Plaza last Saturday - come from "Museum of Idiots" by They Might Be Giants, which you can hear here.


Robert said...

I'm glad you like the modern addition to my house, Dan. Most of the credit goes to the two architects involved, Mark McInturff and Dave Mogensen on Mark's staff.

retgroclk said...

I believe Crystal Waters is related to the great jazz singer Ethel Waters- Crysral she may be a grand-daughter.

Bob Fustero