Thursday, June 18, 2009

68 things we love about east county (part four)

part FOUR of a series adapted from Bethesda Magazine's "67 Things We Love About Bethesda" list. Got something you love about the east side? Leave me a comment or shoot an e-mail to justupthepike at gmail dot com.

We did it! 68 things we love about East County. (Take that, Bethesda!) Check out parts ONE, TWO and THREE - but before that, your submissions with limited commentary from yours truly:

Trader Joe's on 29 at Burnt Mills. [Dr. F] "I've become a regular after finding to my surprise that a number of items are routinely less costly than at Giant Foods. Guess I thought TJs would be 'Whole Paycheck' expensive. I just wish they carried wine the way they do in DC (I've heard great things about their Trader Joe's 'two-buck Chuck' wine.)"

Cheeburger Cheeburger in Burtonsville Crossing. [Dr. F] "The fries are great, the onion rings even better, and as a vegetarian, the veggie burgers and Portabello melts are great too."

Brookside Gardens. [Cyndy, WashingtonGardener] It's like Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown, but it doesn't cost eight dollars to get in. Come for the butterfly garden, stay for the peace and quiet - it gets harder and harder to come by.

Pho Real (Great name!) in the shopping center at Briggs Chaney and Old Columbia Pike. [Cyndy] "I like it better than any of the places in Wheaton. It's clean. My favorites: eye of round pho, summer rolls, and homemade soda limeade."

The AFI. [Cyndy] "It's pretty cool, especially if you are into the old movies they show in the big auditorium." [One word: Silverdocs. If MoCo could work the same magic with the Fillmore, we might have a mini-Bonnaroo in our backyard, too. -ed.]

The National Capital Trolley Museum. [WashingtonGardener] It's cool you get to ride an old streetcar, but kind of boring because it feels like you're in someone's backyard. Either way, here's hoping that this museum will get people excited about transit - we'll need that when the ICC comes through.

The carousel at Wheaton Regional Park. [WashingtonGardener] Hell, why not the entire park? Nothing made me happier at age six than going to Wheaton Regional and flying down the big slides until I wanted to puke. Shame I probably can't even fit in them now.

Mrs. K's Tollhouse (and wine bar) on Colesville Road. [Cyndy] "A Silver Spring tradition." [Plus, it looks like a boot. I bet if this was still a tollhouse, Route 29 would have a lot less traffic. -ed.]

Mizell Lumber in Kensington. [Cyndy] That's still far enough east right? [I guess so. I should also say I like Strosniders, but Home Depot in Calverton is far more convenient. -ed.]

Han An Reum grocery store. [Cyndy] "On Georgia Avenue near Glenmont. THE place to go for cheap and fresh (and sometimes weird) produce and seafood."

The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton. [Cyndy] I tried meeting Thomas Hardman here when I first interviewed him in 2008. Unfortunately, it didn't work out . . . so I can't really attest to the food. I hear it's a Scottish bar, though, which is way cooler than all these annoying Irish bars.

The Sandy Spring Museum. [Cyndy] Best Bar Mitzvah party I ever went to. What better way to celebrate your manhood than by hosting a lunch in a history museum that most of your thirteen-year-old friends will only appreciate because they serve espresso? (I do love the building itself, designed in part by Brookeville architect Miche Booz, who also worked on the proposed Ashton Meeting Place.)

Fairland Recreational Park. [Dr. F] "It's our East MOCO version of Rock Creek Park . . . the park is crisscrossed by paths paved and unpaved so it is extremely accessible for hikers, bikers, joggers, wheelchairs, and strollers . . . [it's] home to the beautiful Fairland creek, which I believe feeds into the Anacostia rather than the nearby Patuxent river."

Fairland Aquatic Center. [Dr. F] "Olympic-size pools, pools for children, and a pool for aqua aerobics. Kayakers use it to learn and practice their 'Eskimo rolls.' And there is a well-equipped, affordably-priced exercise room. One can exercise and swim laps as early as 6 in the morning."

Sligo Creek Parkway. [Chuck] "What a great drive from Silver Spring to Wheaton [it goes to Takoma Park, too! -ed.] without all the hassles of traffic and driving fast. Just a relaxing cruise thru the park. I burnt many a gallon of gas driving this road when life just needed to be figured out."

The graduating class from the old Blair High School painting 'Class of...' on the roof of C building. [Chuck] "Here's something from the archives that I miss about East County . . . it was something I always looked forward to. I still don't know how they did it." [I know both Walter Johnson in Bethesda and Woodrow Wilson in the District have similar traditions. More high schools should definitely follow suit . . . at Blake we could paint the derelict old barn that sits on our campus for no reason other than pressure from historic preservationists. -ed.]

Woodmoor Bakery. [SwitchedOnMom] ". . . in fact the entire groovy streamlined-ness of Woodmoor Plaza." [Between Woodmoor and the former Silver Spring Shopping Center at Georgia and Colesville, you really wish shopping-center designers still did it like they used to in 1938. Bringing back the neon would be a nice start. -ed.]

4 comments: said...

Sorry if I'm repeating a few you've already got here, but how about...

MLK Park - The stocked fishing pond, water park, and walking trails are great.

Rocky Gorge Reservoir - Needs to be more accessible, but some nice places nonetheless.

Rita's in Beltsville

WashingtonGardener said...

You should try to fit this all on a T-shirt :-)

graphicsmom said...

"The Big Greek" - a homey, homely joint with the best Greek food around (Norbeck & Georgia).

Anonymous said...

Ghar E Kabob on Wayne Avenue