Wednesday, February 3, 2010

great peruvian taste test poll results!

And now, what you've all been waiting for: the results of the Great Peruvian Taste Test. Over the weekend, chicken-loving readers were asked to choose their three favorite pollos a la brasa from a list of fourteen restaurants in suburban Maryland. They were also allowed to select "other" and name a place not on the list.

We got 89 responses. This is by no means a scientific poll. People were allowed to vote anonymously and as many times as they want, which might explain our ridiculously lopsided results.

great peruvian taste test

Taking first place with 49 votes is the venerable El Pollo Rico in Wheaton, often considered the standard-bearer of Peruvian chicken. Coming in a distand second (with 29 votes) is Crisp and Juicy, a local chain with branches in Downtown Silver Spring, Wheaton Plaza, Leisure World, and in Rockville.

Wheaton's Pio Pio Super Chicken takes third place with 13 votes, followed by fourth-place Sabroso Grill in Downtown Silver Spring, with 11 votes. And rounding out the top five is Inka's Chicken in Silver Spring, with 9 votes.

Nine readers gave suggestions in the "other" category. Of those, we got four recommendations ofr Kenny's Peruvian Chicken in Four Corners, two for Don Pollo, which has locations in Bethesda, Rockville and Langley Park, and one for Señor Chicken, also in Langley Park.

One person named Nando's Peri-Peri, which is not only not Peruvian (it's Portuguese) but also in Adams-Morgan, meaning it's not in suburban Maryland nor eligible for the Great Peruvian Taste Test.

My favorite "other" suggestion came from a reader who gave El Pollo Rico and Sardi's Pollo a la Brasa in Beltsville (one of my personal favorites, currently tied for seventh place with The Chicken Place in Wheaton) and then said "That's it. That's the list."

View the great peruvian taste test in a larger map

Once again, here's the map of all our Great Peruvian Taste Test restaurants. We've got a really awesome list of places, many of which I've never tried before. But now it's time to separate the wheat from the chaff and compare the top FIVE rated restaurants in our poll. I'll be heading out into the vast wilds of Wheaton and surroundings to find the best pollo a la brasa.

This will probably take a couple of weeks. (Let's not mince words people: this food is unhealthy, and should be consumed in moderation.) First up: Inka's Chicken. Look out for that review on Friday.


Dory Canica said...

peruvian food is delicious, you have to try it!!!

greetings from Peru

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I remain loyal to the Crisp and Juicy in the Blair shopping center. :) They even have me pronouncing yucca correctly.

Unknown said...

i don't understand if people like pollo rico, or they just heard someone say it was good...but i think it's dry and the seasoned rub is often only on the outside of the chicken skin so it's bland on the inside.

Unknown said...

Best one hands down Sardi's, always juicy and huge portions. I cannot undestand why pío pío is even in this list...