Wednesday, June 3, 2009

looking back at JUTP special series

Over the past four years, I've sought to examine East County's people, places and major issues in greater depth. Just Up The Pike Special Series are multi-part explorations of life on the east side.

percontee: giving new life to the county line
They've been building in suburban Washington for over fifty years. But can Percontee get their ambitious new proposals for Calverton and Hyattsville off the ground?

three brief posts on the silver spring library
After years of waiting, Downtown Silver Spring finally gets a new library. Or, at least, final plans for a new library. the press conference | part ONE | part TWO | part THREE

the videomakers: a JUTP exclusive interview
Walter Gottlieb's made a career out of documentary filmmaking, but the Silver Spring resident's trying his hand at fictional storytelling - with a decidedly local twist. part ONE | part TWO | part THREE | part FOUR

the once and future white oak
(prologue | part ONE | part TWO | part THREE | crosspost on Greater Greater Washington)
Why plans to build affordable housing at New Hampshire and Route 29 aren't so bad, and why residents should stop blaming all our problems on those with lower incomes.

they used to call it georgian towers
(part ONE | part TWO | part THREE)
Looking back at growing up in an now-gentrified apartment building in Downtown Silver Spring.

district 4 "head-to-head tour" 2009
Meet the District 4 County Council candidates in these exclusive, one-on-one interviews, which will be posted as they're completed.

the purple line diaries
(part ONE | part TWO | part THREE)

My attempts (of varying success) to get from College Park to Twinbrook and back during rush hour - and to get my roommate to ride the bus.

next stop, broadway: making a purple line musical
A series on Paul Stregevsky, writer of Tracks, a musical about the Purple Line.

sick of emo kids on ellsworth
A series on East County's meeting place - what it teaches us about people and how to build new cities.

burtonsville town square
A look at the Town Square development: What could have been, what we're getting, and what other communities are doing.

burtonsville town center charrette
(part ONE | part TWO | part THREE | part FOUR | part FIVE)

The community comes together to discuss Burtonsville's present - and creates a plan that'll determine its future.

creating a legacy: lisa null
A four-part series exploring the life and career of Silver Spring folk artist Lisa Null.

district 4 "head-to-head tour" 2008
Meet the candidates and learn about the County Council special election in these exclusive, one-on-one interviews.

hip hyattsville (part ONE | part TWO | part THREE | part FOUR)
JUTP visits Arts District Hyattsville, one of several new developments aiming to reposition the Prince George's County town as a new, urban center.

turf town meeting (part ONE | part TWO)
Residents and experts meet to discuss the future of "the Turf" in Downtown Silver Spring.

rockville mayoral election
(part ONE | part TWO | part THREE)

An unlikely trip through the bowels of Rockville Town Square with 2007 mayoral candidates Drew Powell and Susan Hoffmann.

purple line haze: twenty years of debate
An ongoing series on the Purple Line and the Capital Crescent Trail - who's involved and what's at stake.

down briggs chaney: east county's forgotten road
A look at Briggs Chaney Road and the reality of communities faced with change and decay.

county government "head-to-head tour" 2007
Just Up The Pike heads to Rockville to sit down with our County Councilmembers and County Executive Ike Leggett and talk about whatever's bothering East County.

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Adam Pagnucco said...

The District 4 head-to-head tours were invaluable, but my personal favorite series was the Purple Line debate. Dan covered all the bases on that one and it is required reading for anyone seeking to understand the issue.